Hydagen Clean offers not only biodegradability, but also pleasant sensory profiles that consumers love. The cold-processable rheology modifier is suitable for aqueous systems like gels and serums as well as novel formats such as gel strips, peel-off eyeliner or eye patches. Thanks to excellent film-forming and gelation properties, it allows formulations with individual and appealing textures.

Alongside face-care products, Hydagen Clean is also ideal for modern body- and haircare products with verifiable environmental compatibility.

Part of a larger strategy

The plant-based polymer is part of BASF’s larger commitment to sustainability and the biopolymer strategy spearheaded by BASF’s CareCreations, whose growing biopolymer portfolio contains different multifunctional solutions.

They merge qualities like good eco-toxicological profile, high purity and transparency, stabilizing and film-forming properties and appealing sensory benefits in leave-on and rinse-off products.