At Luxe Pack New York, which was held on May 10-11, 2023 at the Javits Center, the company specializing in primary packaging for the cosmetics and beauty industries has showcased a selection of packaging solutions focusing on airless glass containers, along with its newest jars, bottles, and accessories.

The DEA Series, short for Developing the Evolution of Airless, was Baralan’s primary focus at this year’s booth. The airless system in which the filled product is directly in contact with its glass container, the DEA series represents a new philosophy of primary packaging in glass, using fewer components and significantly reducing the amount of overall materials, resulting in a lighter and more functional packaging. In addition, its airless nature helps better preserve the integrity of the product ingredients, is suitable for different usages and is extremely versatile in application.

An array of standard glass bottle ranges was also showcased, including the Olivia Slim Series, a line of cosmetic Boston Round-inspired glass bottles developed specifically for makeup, skincare, and fragrance products. The line features three colored glass options: transparent, cobalt blue and amber, with the latter featuring up to 40% of PCR materials. In addition, the company highlighted its Claudette Large Series, a line of slim cylindrical bottles, all featuring the same neck finish, which allows for numerous combinations with a wide range of accessories and closures, as well as its Penelope Series and Marina Series that are ideal for nail sets, but also for skincare products.

Developed to meet the market’s request in terms of design and functionality, several glass ranges were displayed including the recently launched Lilibet Series, an entirely new modern design which blends the charm of a circular shape with the strength of a square profile. In addition, Baralan showcased a range of square-shaped glass jars that are new entries in its Raquel Line, and its Maria Jars developed primarily for ease of use with skincare products, which are made with premium glass and include a portion of post-industrial recycled (PIR) material, further minimizing waste to align with Baralan’s focus on sustainability.

In addition to products, Baralan also highlighted its full-service capabilities that allow the Group to support customers with the development of a concept and the creation of a product. In addition to the production of packaging solutions and accessories, Baralan can provide decoration services such as varnishing, frosting, hot stamping and silk-screening.