Historically, Baralan’s business has focused on glass packaging. Glass is a material generally considered sustainable due to its infinite recyclability, however, bottles, jars and other glass containers are most often accompanied by plastic accessories, in particular lids and caps. The Italian supplier has therefore committed to find acceptable eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic components.

Upcycled materials

For these new sustainable solutions, Baralan is highlighting the importance of waste optimization by promoting upcycling through use of organic scraps, such as coffee peel and rice.

These upcycled organic scrap materials are mixed with virgin plastic, reducing the overall plastic resin content to create a more sustainable solution suitable for manufacturing a wide range of closures completing Baralan’s standard collection.

For an even greater sustainability, it is obviously possible to use post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) in percentages varying from 30% to 100%. The varying PCR levels allow brands to balance their desired level of packaging aesthetics with their sustainability goals while meeting increased consumer demand for sustainable products.

Additionally, bio-based materials - produced with a biopolymer derived from renewable resources and natural materials not linked to the food chain - can be utilized to ensure full recyclability of the accessories.

Free from carbon black

Another feature of this new collection is the ability to produce black items without using carbon black, which is notoriously challenging to recycle, because the new masterbatch will not be obtained through combustion.

Products made from these green materials significantly expand Baralan’s range of sustainable standard solutions.

The company therefore ensured that these new products not only comply with mandatory regulations and quality standards, but also protect the formula and ensure the practical functionality of the product in the same way as a traditional accessory.

This launch is an exciting one for Baralan and has served as an opportunity for us to examine, as a company, how and where we can expand our eco-friendly offerings to benefit the environment further,” said Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global R&D Manager. “Our vision is to continuously develop new collections of sustainable products that offer both elegance and superior functionality.