Azzaro asked Axilone Metal to engineer and produce the metal shell for the most notable component of “Wanted”, its new and exciting fragrance for Men. Axilone rose to the challenge of finding the best way to assemble multiple complex components together.

Available in two sizes, 50 and 100 ml. The recesses of the metal shell along with coins in vintage gold finish give an overall sense of masculinity and allure.

An impressive metallic shell

Produced in Axilone’s metal factory located in Spain, the shell is the key component of the finished product.

Produced in 2 sizes for the 50 & 100 ml bottles, the aluminium outer part is stamped and anodized, forming a recess and “Guilloché” at the bottom, a zamak disk with the engraved coins is snapped inside. The AZZARO sun coins are embossed, debossed and engraved.

Axilone demonstrated its skilled execution in technical design, usage of raw material, décor and engineering with exceptional efficiency,” explains the company.