Under the management of Jean-Paul Dénécé, innovation at Axilone (turnover: 110 million euros in 2013, staff: 1,825) involves more or less everyone. An innovation supervisor appointed to each site and department means that approximately ten employees are directly involved.

Initially, there is astonishment

Each and everyone must submit “astonishment reports”: remarks and notes on a fact, object, technique, wherever from and appealing to the packaging sector. “This is the starting point for a project that will need to be investigated further, and which will require its substance to be enhanced. May be there will be no future for the idea, who minds,” the company says.

Jean-Paul Dénécé is eager for an open mind and a 360° inquisitiveness: “if you stick to the trend, you will be doing like the others!

However, there are some limits to this open-mindedness. First of all, it is important not to frighten customers away by being too offset from reality. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure the industrial solution is available. Regarding the latter, the fact that Axilone provides in-house tooling and electroplating facilities is a real asset.

The Vaposhere illustration

Vaposphere, one of the five patents registered by Axilone in 2013, is a perfect illustration of what this method can produce.

At the outset of the development, there is an observation: considering packaging, the users in the 21st century are focused on ease of use and handling. With the cell-phone permanently held in one hand, one is always multi-tasking. The “beauty” efforts are typical of that. While phoning, one is adjusting one’s make-up, freshness, or last minute appearance. Axilone creative teams are convinced that tomorrow’s gesture will be single-handed.

The answer? Vaposphere: a single-handed capping system. One just has to turn the locking ring with two fingers to open the sphere-shaped cap and activate the revealed measuring dispenser or spray. Closing it is as straightforward : one counter-rotation of the ring, and the container is locked. There is no risk of an accident. “Vaposhere is suitable for make-up, care, or perfume products,” concludes Axilone, which showcased this innovation at the latest MakeUp in Paris event, on June 12-13 at the Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris.