Avery Dennison Corporation has achieved a new milestone with their CleanFlake adhesive technology that has improved PET recycling by allowing labels to be cleanly removed during the process. CleanFlake has gained acknowledgement from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).

The new and improved CleanFlake technology includes a repositioning feature, allowing manual removal of labels from PET substrates within an 8-hour window, which proves particularly useful in cases of misaligned labels in the automated labeling process. This functionality helps prevent wastage of both the bottle and its contents, not only minimizing waste, but also encouraging effective utilization of resources.

The latest CleanFlake has also been recognized for meeting or exceeding the voluntary requirements for APR Design for Recyclability. According to Avery Dennison, the solution was evaluated using the most stringent, industry accepted criteria that encompass a wide range of design features affecting plastics recycling.

CleanFlake is available with facestocks and liners that contain recycled materials or are made using less resources, providing a fully sustainable label construction, showcasing the company’s commitment to driving sustainability practices forward while maintaining high performance standards. CleanFlake seamlessly integrates with the current value chain, requiring no additional investment to transition from traditional labels,” explains Avery Dennison in a statement.