Since Priminter had joined Groupe Pochet via Qualipac in 1993, the offering had been focused on two different businesses: promotional products and packaging accessories. Renamed Aura (in reference to the French words for ‘unique ally’, ‘responsibility’, and ‘boldness’) last September, the company now combines both specializations.

Aura’s mission consists in imagining, creating, and designing accessories in the broad sense of the word,” explains Anne Bariaud.

The offering is now structured in five categories: ornaments to enhance the look of primary packaging (plates, small chains, ribbons…), applicators adapted to beauty gestures (brushes, puffs, spatulas…), luggage (vanity cases, toilet bags, pouches…), accessories for launch animations (textile, mirrors, jewels…), and box sets to stage products.

Relying on a network of partners

If product design and creation are tailor made in France, the company still relies on its network of French, European, and global partners for manufacturing.

We have an in-house Creation Studio with a team of stylist-designers who track down, select and analyze trends to devise tailor-made solutions in line with brands’ DNA,” explains the Director.

This historically Asian-based network has gained many local import partners in the Middle East, Europe, and France.

Over the past few years, our belonging to a French group has strengthened our will to develop made in France and made in Europe products. It has helped us meet a rising, Covid-related demand from our customers,” adds Anne Bariaud.

This relocation approach is in line with a more global eco-design strategy - also a market expectation.We have implemented Le Cercle Vertueux (virtuous circle) By Aura, which consists in focusing on CSR at each product development phase, whether in terms of design, materials, responsible purchases, anything related to transport packaging, the sustainable use of the product, or its end-of-life,” she adds.

Aura offers a multi-material expertise enhanced by Groupe Pochet’s multiple businesses, like glass, plastic, and metal, and by a broad range of materials and media, some of which are certified to guarantee their traceability.

Reconquering Europe

After a slowdown due to two years of pandemic, the company redefined its business to win back European markets.

The Covid-19 crisis reduced our turnover by 30%, but we have noted a strong recovery in the last quarter 2021 and early 2022. We aim to reconquer the European market with this new offering and rely on the presence of the group to develop it on the global level,” concludes Anne Bariaud.