The Pochet Group brand new website highlights the multi-material know-how and expertise of the company and its four divisions: Pochet du Courval, Qualipac, Aura and Solev.

All the spirit of the Group is gathered there: the passion of the Women & Men, the unique and multi-material know-how as well as the constant quest for Excellence and the one-of-a-kind relationship which connects the Pochet group to its customers,” said the company in a statement.

The website provides information about the group’s latest creations or even the behind-the-scenes manufacturing of certain products. The family and entrepreneurial spirit is distilled throughout the site, highlighting Pochet’s uniqueness and its history, as well as the production sites that manufacture bottles, cases, jars, accessories, and boxes for the most prestigious beauty brands.

Customized or personalized products are clearly presented, as well as innovations and in-stock products.

The site is now available in English and French at