FSKorea has showcased its latest innovations at the Cosmopack Asia tradeshow, which was held from 14 to 16 November 2013, at the Asia World Expo Centre, near Hong Kong’s international airport.

The main feature of the presentation is Go Brush, FSKorea’s latest make-up brush concept, whose fibres, ferrule and handle can be taken apart, allowing consumers to sort them out for recycling.

The three separable components not only facilitate recycling but also help to reduce glue consumption. Another advantage is that consumers can change the handle, the ferrule (which can be of a different colour) and the type of fibre as they wish.

Recyclability and refillability in mind

But that’s not all! FSKorea also highlighted its range of recyclable packaging with a pump or dropper.

Thanks to its cap entirely made from a PP-based material and its PETG pipette, the Eco Dropper, for instance, is fully recyclable.

As part of its eco-friendly collection, FSKorea also showcased its DTP Easy Clean pump, a refillable product that helps to lower the environmental impact throughout the production chain by reducing the amount of materials and energy used. FSKorea has designed this pack with a wide-necked container that leaves enough space for easy cleaning before recycling.

Refillability was a strong point of the products presented by FSKorea in Hong Kong with, in particular, a refillable mascara, which was previewed in Singapore in 2022. To refill, the consumer just has to remove the cover with a simple pull and remove the inner bottle from the outer container by turning the shoulder counter-clockwise (just see our video here).

Another new feature is the ALPRD Recyclable Airless Pump where the spring has been removed, whether metal or plastic. The housing and the spring are a single component. In addition, it is recyclable since it is only made of polypropylene. It does not contain POM.

A large catalogue of the new products

The product catalogue offered by FSKorea is still substantial. Visitors were also able to appreciate a new dropper with metal ball applicator. The massage ball allows the product to be applied directly to the skin without using your hands. The coolness of the metal ball has a soothing effect on the skin. Note that the ergonomics of the set are adapted to wrinkles and scalp care.

In the mascara segment, the company’s flagship category, FSKorea also showcased a new super fine 2.5 mm brush designed to grab, lengthen and give volume to each eyelash naturally and effortlessly, even the smallest ones. To be continued !