The creation of this new brush by FSKorea’s development team is a perfect illustration of the quest for sustainability in which the cosmetics industry is increasingly committed.

“The importance of preventing environmental pollution and climate change is such that we strive to actively respond to these developments by designing and developing products that reduce resource consumption in the production process, reduce waste and facilitate recycling. We have put in place a true culture of environmental responsibility,” said J.K. Hwang, CEO, and owner of FSKorea.

A culture of sustainability that was perfectly illustrated by the refillable mascara showcased at the latest Cosmoprof Asia trade show held in Singapore in November 2022.

A 100% customizable brush

A standard brush is usually made of three parts, the fibres, the ferrule, and the handle. Most of the time, the different parts of the brush are glued together, and a brush manufacturer can use as much as 130 tonnes of glue per year.

By creating a brush made of components that are separable, FSKorea not only helps to reduce glue consumption, the company also facilitates recycling while offering many possibilities for customization.

This is the main feature of the GoBrush, which allows to assemble the three parts (fibres, ferrule, and handle) according to any combination, to change the fibres after use and to reuse the ferrule and the handle. It is therefore possible to offer handles and ferrules of different colours or different types of fibres.

Beyond customization, the other advantage of FSKorea’s GoBrush is obviously that it allows suitable sorting of the different components for better recycling.

FSKorea exclusively holds worldwide patents for GoBrush.

Focus on packaging sustainability

To meet the demand for eco-friendly packaging, FSKorea has set four strategic objectives: to develop environmentally friendly products, to improve the quality of products and services, to aim for complete customer satisfaction and to recruit well-trained people in this area.

In 2021, FSKorea achieved both ISO14001 Certification for its environmental management policy and ISO 45001 Certification for its health and safety management system.

It should also be noted that the company was certified by the Korean Ministry of Equality and Family Welfare as a model company concerning the handling and education of its employees.

In recent months, FSKorea has developed several products that specifically meet these new environmental requirements. In addition to the rechargeable mascara already mentioned, let’s also mention a new dropper made of separable components and with inner and outer caps made with aluminium to reduce the volume of plastic. In order to increase the product’s recyclability, FSKorea also offers to replace the commonly used NBR [1] by a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).