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Asquan partners with Pylote to provide fully hygienic makeup and mascara brushes to cosmetic brands

Asquan and Pylote will present a new offer of antimicrobial makeup and mascaras brushes at the next MakeUp in NewYork trade show (11-12 September 2019). Tested by independent laboratories, the products have showed a high level of microbiological hygiene during the period of use, even regarding the most virulent and resistant bacteria and viruses such as those responsible for herpes or conjunctivitis.

Our strategy here at Asquan Group is to develop fully effective, holistic innovation based on delivering a robust benefit to the end user. By partnering with recognised experts in their field, we can guarantee our clients cutting edge and proven technology on a fast to market time scale,” said Henri Tinchant, President of Asquan.

Bacterial and viral hygiene

The manufacturer of accessories, applicators and packaging solutions for cosmetics brands, therefore contacted Pylote, a young company headquartered in Toulouse, South of France, specializing in the chemistry of minerals and ceramics. The start-up company has developed a patented technology to prevent the contamination of applicators during their use. The tools therefore remain clean without promoting microbial growth.

"Our goal was to guarantee the hygiene of our applicators. Pylote has developed a unique technology, with a spectrum of activity much wider than any existing solution. Indeed, it protects not only from bacterial contamination but also from viruses," highlights Henri Tinchant.

Giving makeup brushes and beauty accessories an unprecedented level of safety and hygiene as yet, unseen in the market, the Pylote technology automatically extends the shelf life of the product. Moreover, brushes and other tools would not require typical drastic disinfecting during their entire period of use, which brings tremendous benefit and peace of mind to the consumer while reducing the ecological footprint.

Industrial evaluation & qualification

To give entire legitimacy to this breakthrough innovation, Pylote has conducted a complete industrial evaluation and qualification of the benefits of prototype “Pylote Added” makeup accessories.

The results of these tests showed that the technology maintains a high level of microbiological hygiene in worst conditions against even the most virulent antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses such as those responsible for herpes or for conjunctivitis, therefore guaranteeing a safer use of cosmetic accessories and applicators. It is also extremely effective at eliminating the risk of contamination between uses as well as cross contamination between consumers,” said Loïc Marchin, CEO of Pylote.

In partnership with Pylote, Asquan has made the prototypes that have been tested and are ready to be marketed.

"We have validated the entire industrial process and the efficiency of the technology for brush and mascaras fibres. We are ready to produce on the basis of tested materials," added Henri Tinchant.

If the client chooses other materials, qualification process can be quickly carried out. But the technology has the advantage of not changing the existing manufacturing process the industrial process and has no impact on minimum order quantities.

Clean beauty

Based on the action of mineral particles, without any migration into formulas, Pylote’s technology is in compliance with the FDA, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, international regulations and COSMOS approved. Obtained by in-house clean manufacturing process, mineral ceramic microspheres are directly integrated into the fibres of makeup and mascara brushes, offering “a safe and effective way to address growing concerns regarding the risk of microbial contamination and the consumer demand for hygienic, healthy, safe and environmental friendly products.

The two companies will present the new makeup brushes and mascara applicators to the cosmetics and beauty industry on their booth at the MakeUp in NewYork show next week. Stéphane Thiollier, Managing Director Business, Pylote and Henri Tinchant, President, Asquan will also detail the innovation through a presentation on September 11th (12-45pm - 1:20pm).


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