Pylote’s CEO, Loïc Marchin

Cosmogen, a leading European developer and supplier of cosmetic brushes, accessories and packaging is partnering with Pylote, a start-up offering an innovative microbial protection technology.

Founded in 2009 by two researchers from the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Pylote has developed a green process for manufacturing mineral microspheres that can be integrated into many consumer products, without any change of the existing manufacturing process. These microspheres have the particularity of providing products with-specific properties including an increased microbial cleanliness and hygiene throughout their use by the consumer.

The microspheres are obtained through an innovative patented and exclusive green manufacturing process (spray pyrolysis) in one single step without any organic solvent or waste. It has won several awards (Pharmapack Award, CPhl Pharma Award, Packaging Award, CSR Solutions Award). It is also COSMOS approved and in compliance with international cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food regulations. One of its main interest of Pylote’s mineral microspheres is that they do not release any substance in the products’ formulas.

After having conducted industrial tests and assessed the effectiveness of this innovation on foams, brush fibres and plastic spatulas, Cosmogen is launching innovative ranges of more hygienic, safer and greener accessories and makeup applicators, made of antibacterial materials.

"This partnership with Pylote fits a key objective for consumers, whose demand for hygienic, safe and healthy products is growing strongly,” said Cosmogen’s CEO, Renaud van den Berg. Most importantly, according to the manager, it is a “realistic, industrial, reliable and value-added solution.

Cosmogen is launching innovative ranges of cosmetic accessories and makeup applicators (sponges, brushes) made of antibacterial materials.

Indeed, cosmetic accessories and applicators are examples of high-risk products in terms of microbial contamination during use. This contamination poses a risk for consumers and is a source of concern to manufacturers in the cosmetics industry. To address this issue, Cosmogen successfully integrated Pylote’s microspheres on the industrial production lines of many accessories and applicators (sponges, brushes, spatulas, etc.). Tests have demonstrated that the microbial population contained in the accessories (lower count than the quantification threshold) was totally eradicated.

"I am delighted that our innovative technology made in France can benefit all players in the cosmetics industry, and primarily consumers. The blend of our expertise with that of Cosmogen is a leap forward in providing solutions that are today fully operational, responsible and safe, while having an immediate impact of safety and comfort for consumers," added Pylote’s CEO, Loïc Marchin.

The innovative cosmetic accessories developed by Cosmogen with Pylote’s technology were featured last week at the MakeUp in Paris tradeshow.