At the end of 2020, Asquan completed their stock global offer with a new collection of simple and elegant compacts featuring mechanical non-magnetic snap closures.

The Parklane Collection was developed to bring a sense of subtle luxury to any brand. “The angled platform draws attention down to the formulation to truly bring the focus onto colour and texture,” explains the packaging supplier.

This reduced part count pack has been designed in such a way to keep the depth of the pan consistent while also being able to include an optional magnetic sheet for refill if so desired. There is also 2mm of head space between the lid and the pan well opening, giving room for raised formulations.

The housings are suitable for all forms of decoration, including spray, soft-touch, UV lacquer and vacuum metalization, as well as secondary processes such as silk screening and hot stamping.

Available in three diameters: 59, 36, and 27mm.