Dubbed Nightessence biofunctional [1], Ashland’s new active is derived from lavender flowers sustainably grown and harvested on the mountain slopes in Provence, France, 140 kilometers from the Ashland biofunctional facility. It is extracted using the patented and proprietary plant small RNA (PSR) technology, developed to catch some specific nutrient compounds, including small RNAs.

According to Ashland, the new ingredient helps restore skin overnight, so it looks “rested, renewed and illuminated by morning.

“Clean sleep” trend

As consumers are increasingly aware of the link between sleep and lifestyle factors with skin appearance, mental and physical health, the ’beauty sleep’ or ’clean sleep’ concept becomes extremely trendy. “A recent Mintel study reports that 80 percent of women in France, Germany, Italy and Spain all agree that getting enough sleep is an important part of looking after their skin,” said Justine Cotton, global marketing manager and new business development, Ashland.

In this context the ’clean sleep’ trend is on the rise, focusing on habits and behaviours that can improve the quality of sleep and help one feel better rested.

Based on scientific research, Ashland has defined the biology of the skin at night as noctology, which describes the needs of skin through essential nocturnal processes and molecules for night repair of daily damage,” explains Joël Mantelin, vice president marketing and business development, Ashland. “Ashland’s Nightessence biofunctional enhances skin’s naturally occurring nocturnal process, dysregulated by hectic lifestyles, visible light and sun, and helps skin boost essential nighttime molecules such as timezyme and melatonin.

Clinical study

Nightessence biofunctional was clinically tested on a group of 36 Asian volunteers who worked the night shift or who stayed up very late. According to Ashland, after using the product for a month, the volunteers showed a more rested skin with fewer dark circles.