Ashland has relaunching its Chromafend biofunctional on the base of new data demonstrating how it can promote hair darkening and reduce the appearance of grey hair.

Although many people choose not to colour their hair, they don’t want to admit defeat to gray hair,” said Anne Clay, global marketing manager and new business development, Vincience Biofunctionals, a division of Ashland. European and North American men, especially, are reluctant with the use of hair dyes. Nevertheless, a recent research [1] has identified that hair colour is the number one appearance concern for many men today, with 51% of British men worrying about greying.

Ashland has unveiled new clinical data on gray hair reduction with...

Ashland has unveiled new clinical data on gray hair reduction with Chromafend biofunctional. (Photo: © Goodluz /

The specialty chemicals company has designed Chromafend biofunctional to preserve hair’s natural colour. This golden flax seed extract was selected for its capacity to boost key pigmentation markers in the hair follicle. Its properties were demonstrated by several in vitro and ex vivo data, said Ashland.

A vibrant hair colour is a symbol of youth,” said Penny Antonopoulos, global marketing director, hair care, “and people with grey hair appear 3.9 years older compared to non-grey hair individuals. For men, dark hair is a sign of vitality, and greying hair can severely affect the self-esteem of an individual.

Sourced from 100% organically grown golden flax seeds, Chromafend biofunctional is COSMOS validated and can be used in a variety of hair treatments to address the first signs of grey hair, boost grey hair darkening and vitality, space out the need for grey hair coloration, and can also be used to boost darkening hairs in men’s beards.