Committed since March to the adventure of the hydroalcoholic hand sanitizers with a number of players in the cosmetics industry, Arcade Beauty has integrated the future needs of consumers in this segment. The group has built a comprehensive offer of unit doses, mini products or refills for immediate development in full service.

In March, Arcade Beauty Socoplan transforms its cosmetics workshop in Saint-Jean de Thouars, in France, aiming at producing hand sanitizers. Today, the group is anticipating the expectations on these products and especially the way consumers are using them.

Thermoformed doses, tubes, sachets, bottles, pumps...

Arcade Beauty’s new offer includes a selection of products with a wide choice of filling, gesture, and distribution: tubes, bottles, pumps, spray, flat or volume sachets, thermoformed doses, impregnated wipes, easysnap 3D Pouch...

Brands can thus build their offer in order to propose take away products for sale, refills, cases with several unit doses, mini bottles to be distributed in store entrances or duty free, flat sachets to be shipped by emailing or even through magazine campaign in support of a marketing action,” explains Arcade Beauty in a statement.

Development is carried out on a full-service basis at Arcade Beauty’s sites, mainly in France.

Approved formulas

Arcade Beauty has two types of hydroalcoholic products recommended by the World Health Organization for hand sanitizing. Hydroalcoholic gels are more specifically suitable for cosmetic pumps, sachets or the Easysnap, while the liquid formula is suitable for mini sprays, ampoules or wipes.

A zero-touch dispenser

For its part, Carestia Arcade Beauty has developped an automatic gel dispenser to be placed on a stand at the entrance of stores or as a counter dispenser. Thanks to an optical cell, it dispenses the right dose in the hand. Wearing a cardboard or plastic front, it becomes a decoration or a communication support for a brand or a point of sale.