For Elgydium’s new organic range, Pierre Fabre has chosen a mono-material 100ml 3D pouch that is ready to recycle, instead of the traditional toothpaste tube.

Dubbed Ecopack, the pouch with a screw top was developed and produced by Arcade Beauty.

Reduced carbon footprint

The development of this recyclable 3D Pouch represents true innovation in the oral care market. Lighter than a traditional tube, this recyclable pouch with no additional packaging, contributes to Pierre Fabre’s sustainability vision thanks to a reduction of 69% CO2 usage, 48% less plastic and 85% less water usage during the manufacturing process. The packaging also reduces the use of aluminum and secondary packaging.

Distinction with usage and design

The Ecopack allows Arcade Beauty to customize each product to conserve its identity with unique shapes, designs and fills. The pouch is easy to use and intuitive with optimal dispensing of the formula.

With a strong background in packaging production and filling for various categories, Arcade Beauty is entering a new market with oral care. This new generation 3D pouch is produced and filled at one of the group’s European sites,” said the company in a statement.