To meet the demand for ecodesigned packaging solutions, Aptar made research on pump technology a priority. “It was a most urgent issue, in particular in the field of Personal Care. We wanted brands to be able to put forward the fact that their packaging can be fully recycled, and a standard pump pack cannot be,” explains Global Strategic Marketing Director Sabine Bouillet-Lubot.

Full circularity

The distribution system of standard pumps is based on a complex technology involving various components, including metal, which cannot but complicate the recycling process.

Conversely, the Future pump is fully made of polyethylene (PE), one the most common plastic materials – and also one of the most recycled in the world. Plus, it goes with a bottle based on the same material, so it can be fully recycled. And with a PP or PET bottle, the product can be more easily sorted. Future is also available in a post-consumer resin (PCR) version derived from the Advanced Recycling technology already used by Aptar, in partnership with REN. This process offers the same quality level as conventional resin.

Tests were carried out to determine the new pump compatibility with various types of formula viscosities: it is adapted to hygiene and body and hair care products with two neck sizes, high (28/410) and low (28/400), and a 2-cc dose. A 1.5-cc neck dose is scheduled for late 2021. In addition, Aptar offers a full-pack option with 500- and 300-ml round bottles either biosourced or made of conventional PE, PCR or Ocean Plastic.

A secured locking system for e-commerce

The new Future pump also offers an innovative locking system compatible with e-commerce constraints [1]: a ring with a rotary mechanism to be put on or off.

We paid particular attention to this new gesture, because it should be easy to understand. The ring between the bottle and the spout is coloured and striated. The pump also features an arrow and sounds a click when it closes. We insisted upon including these sensorial elements. As it is fully integrated, it also avoids using the disposable safety ring commonly found on standard pumps, so it is another saved plastic part,” emphasizes Sabine Bouillet-Lubot.

The 360° rotary spout makes it possible to hold the actuator in any direction and reduces risks of breakage for e-commerce. Aesthetically, the dip tube does not feature any visible mechanism, so it harmoniously fits in a transparent PET bottle.

Thanks to this innovation, Aptar adds an exclusive sustainable solution to the company’s portfolio – it should be available on the market very soon. As a member of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Aptar further commits to reducing the environmental impact and supporting the Foundation’s vision of the circular economy.

Determined to fulfil the company’s 2025 objective to make packaging 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable, Aptar has been focusing on three main priorities: converting the product portfolio with recycled materials, recyclability, and reuse.

Now that we have made a huge step forward with the first two priorities, we are assessing the reusability of our products. There are endless possibilities and countless solutions to explore, depending on our customers’ strategies,” concludes Sabine Bouillet-Lubot.