AptarGroup, Inc. and YAT, an online skincare solutions company, have announced a collaboration to develop an innovative range of products and services for the skincare market, building on YAT’s consumer centric, turnkey product design and development capabilities and Aptar’s innovative packaging and dispensing solutions.

Consumer centric turnkey product development

As an integrated beauty solutions platform, YAT provides specialist services related to skincare and beauty, including tailored consulting services that span from product research and evaluation services to brand management and marketing expertise, consumer group engagement, as well as product and concept development. Leveraging an in-house capability of more than 30 skincare and beauty R&D experts and more than a million active consumer fan base, YAT delivers highly precise and accurate recommendations for both consumers and brands that covers all key aspects, from product development to supporting brand launch and commercialization.

Aptar intends to leverage YAT’s expansive market insight database, focused on specific consumer skincare needs and skincare profiles, and to use YAT’s in-depth experience in customized turnkey solutions as well as online product distribution and promotion to bring new solutions to market.

Equity investment

In addition to the partnership, Aptar has made an equity investment in YAT during their latest round of funding.

According to Aptar, the collaboration will significantly bolster the group’s product and service offerings in China, along with innovation capabilities, by “combining Aptar’s expertise in innovative, sustainable and quality manufacturing of packaging solutions together withYAT’s profound understanding of the Chinese consumer, concept design and development expertise, digital marketing capabilities and ingredient based influencer pool, which are increasingly essential in accelerating new product launches that are well received by the market.