Two years is the time it took to Aptar beauty + home to develop this airless stylus dedicated primarily for the most delicate and precious skin care formulas such as: beauty elixirs, radiance-boosting and youth serums. Furthermore, two big scale consumer tests were used to validate the relevance of the concept and development.

New application process

Initially, there is a simple observation: serums, which require the precise application of very small product quantities, are usually presented in bottles and applied with pipettes that do not receive full consumer support. “Consumers say they sometimes have difficulties for filling the pipette or get the correct dose and they also complain with the two hand gesture required to use these products as well as with a hardly optimal product restitution,Aptar says.

The solution imagined by the manufacturer of dispensing systems takes make-up pens as a starting point and its design evokes the precision of surgical tools. The ergonomics of Serumony is very intuitive since just one press is enough to deliver the exact amount (70 micro litres) of product. Compact and light, it can be easily carried around and can be to place without risk in a handbag or a travel bag.

Airless system

Aptar also conceived Serumony as a genuine protective case serving as a barrier that protects the formula from oxidation and pollution, throughout its use. In addition to the optimum hygiene, the airless system offers and excellent product delivery and security against spills.

Serumony is equipped with Aptar’s alpha70 pump guaranteeing perfect formula/pack compatibility since there are no metal components in contact with the formula.

All the industrial tools having been developed Serumony is ready for market launch. Various decoration options are available, for a full product customization.