The distributor of packaging for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, launches an online store dedicated to cosmetic and supplement packaging made of Sulapac, a patented material innovation designed to fight plastic pollution:

APG Europe thus becomes the first online distributor of Sulapac packaging with the ability to serve also smaller brands and to provide extended services such as decorations and logistics optimization. The collaboration between Sulapac and APG Europe should therefore improve the accessibility of Sulapac for indie brands interested in this material developed to reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions.

Sustainable packaging has become one of the key trends in the European cosmetics industry. Hence, we are proud to give cosmetic brands access to such a wide – and expanding – range of packaging options made of Sulapac,” said Robert Kruijer, Commercial Director at APG Europe in a statement.

The comprehensive offering of APG Europe’s Sulapac online store includes ready-made jars for water-based cosmetics and for oil-based formulas. There are also packaging designed particularly for supplements and dry foods. The sizes of the packaging range from 7 ml to 250 ml and they are available in the nine colours of the Sulapac colour palette, inspired by Nordic nature. Customers can choose between different Sulapac materials based on the desired look and feel. All Sulapac materials used in the packaging are bio-based, some up to 100%. “They have low carbon footprint and are recyclable by design,Sulapac claims.

Thanks to the smaller minimum order quantities for selected products, the new online store serves also small and medium-sized companies willing to package their products in Sulapac jars.

We are extremely happy that now also smaller brands have the opportunity to easily adopt Sulapac packaging,” says Colin Strobant, Sales Director at Sulapac. “There is clearly a strong demand for sustainable, beautiful, and functional packaging among this category. With APG we can address it with efficiency and reliability while maintaining an excellent service level,” he concludes.

Products available via APG’s online store are supplied by Sulapac’s partners including Nissha, Hermann Koch Cosmetic Packaging, and Volumatik.