The pandemic has changed the face of cosmetics, making skincare products — preferably natural ones — rise to prime popularity. As a result, consumers are now looking for simplified formulas based on one or two ingredients with multiple benefits. Expert advice website Skincare Hero [1] looked at the most coveted ingredients by country, then by geographical area, by analyzing Google data on the subject. And the result is clear: aloe vera is the most searched skincare ingredient in 37 countries around the world.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

As seen in a previous study, hydration is at the heart of men’s and women’s skin care concerns. So, it’s perhaps not all that surprising to learn that an ingredient with strong moisturizing powers is being embraced in many countries around the world. Grown in places with generally warm climates, such as North Africa, South America and the Mediterranean, this age-old plant is primarily known for its high concentration of water, making it a great ally for dry and dehydrated skin.

In detail, aloe vera tops the skincare ingredient search results in Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Guyana, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Jamaica and Panama. Indeed, it seems that the star ingredient is especially popular among Europeans and Americans. The study also reveals that the most searched question about aloe vera is none other than: "does aloe vera clear pimples?" As it happens, the plant has healing virtues, which means it can play a role in fighting acne.

Vitamin C

Many people around the globe are now looking for ways of getting beautiful, natural skin, with no gimmicks. This is reflected in the recent craze for vitamin C, which has become a cosmetic must-have in recent months. Not only does it bring radiance to the complexion, but it can also reduce the signs of aging — a godsend for residents of the 12 countries in the world where it’s the most searched ingredient.

These include Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Malta, Bulgaria and even Fiji, mainly. Note that people in North and South America don’t seem particularly interested in this ingredient, which only tops the list in St. Vincent, in the heart of the Caribbean. This time, internet users’ top question is: "should you use vitamin C serum every day?" Something that is indeed recommended by specialists, who advise using it in a day cream.

Keeping the signs of aging in check

Neck and neck with vitamin C, retinol is also the top-searched ingredient in 12 countries around the world. A member of the retinoid family — a class of chemical compounds derived from vitamin A — retinol is now considered one of the most effective anti-aging agents. This seems to be important, even essential, for people in France, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and even Colombia. As with many active ingredients intended to fight the signs of ageing, internet users are primarily wondering at what age to start using retinol.

Note that hyaluronic acid, which leads searches in ’just’ seven countries, is nevertheless the star ingredient in the United States, Canada, and Australia.