Beauty designer Michel Limongi has adopted the iconic fan brush from Cosmogen, which he will present during a makeup workshop at Cosmogen’s booth on Thursday, June 22nd at 3.30pm at Make Up in Paris.

Further to its aesthetic character, this brush is made of double length hair that was specially designed by the engineers of Cosmogen. Its easy grip inspires a new gesture that naturally subdues the contours of the face and reveals its shadow and light areas with natural and elegance. All Face Fan, as named by Michel Limongi, is the magic brush for complexion.

"This double-sided fan was necessary to create an innovative make-up gesture to achieve all kinds of style: tanning, blush, strobing, contouring, natural complexion. According to me, this double-length hair brush is the perfect answer to the difficulties that all women encounter: pressing too much, taking too much color, and touch ups. The easy control of pressure provides a natural, easy, no-stain, and no-trace makeup," says Michel Limongi.

Technical features:

- Tuft: 2-length synthetic fibres;

- Handle: PS;

- Decoration: Silk Screening 

To be discovered also at Make Up in Paris: makeup demonstrations with a selection of Cosmogen brushes, and the Cosmogen products selected among the IT Products.