The result of 6 years’ exclusive co-development by Albéa and L’Oréal teams, the new tube for L’Oréal Paris’ Casting Crème Gloss is a technological breakthrough for the at-home permanent hair colouring market. This type of formulation tends to be highly reactive to oxygen and only aluminium tubes could contain it - until now.

The creation of a barrier laminate tube that effectively replaces aluminium tubes is a breakthrough innovation, which was rewarded last June in Berlin by the Best Tube of the Year 2016, in the Laminate category, by the ETMA [1].

This patented innovation was made possible thanks to Albéa’s O2 Wall Tube technology. “The O2 Wall Tube technology is unique as it is the only way to guarantee integral bulk protection throughout the laminate tube, from head to join. Laminate tubes made with O2 Wall Tube technology are as strong and protective as aluminium tubes. They deliver all the design qualities of conventional laminate tubes, with a more flexible touch and endless decoration possibilities. In addition, they have a lower carbon footprint,” said the packaging manufacturer in a release.

L’Oréal and Albéa have long been cooperating for six years to develop a technical and industrial solution that meets the needs of the French cosmetics giant. The launch shows “the Albéa group’s ability to create innovative, complex solutions for its customers and roll them out worldwide together,” said Philippe Thuvien, VP Packaging & Development at L’Oréal.