Introduced during the last in-cosmetics Global show last April in Paris, Adenosilane, Exsymol’s new anti-aging active ingredient has won the first prize at the BSB Innovation Awards in the anti-aging category.

Adenosilane, the latest addition to Exsymol’s silanols technology, results from the combination of the heart of biofunctional silicium with adenosine. The promise: a perfect complexion by making pores invisible (-75% visible pores).

This active ingredient has been tested on an innovative scientific model, with the identification of a new marker MAGP-1, a glycoprotein allowing the optimization of the network of fibers around the pore: these unprecedented scientific results were recognized at the last IFSCC Congress in Cancun , with a place in the top 10 best posters.

Adenosilane was also part of the short list of the 10 most innovative active ingredients at in-cosmetics Global.

For more details on the mechanisms of action, Exsymol has dedicated an episode of their YouTube channel to the new active ingredient: