As a hotel industry supplier, ADA Cosmetics International has faced the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This situation was anything but a perfect start for CEO Kai Bendix, who assumed management responsibility for the tradition-rich company shortly after the first lockdown in July 2020. But the challenges were already enormous prior to that, with a strong competitive pressure, and the rise of environmental awareness and social responsibility issues.

To meet these challenges, the German hotel cosmetics manufacturer plans to sharpen its brand positioning, invest massively in the development of sustainable product innovations, and in CSR commitments.

Ever more sustainable products

According to the company, this paradigm shift calls for the development of new solutions that put sustainability at the heart of product development. “This means that instead of doing whatever is technically feasible, we develop product solutions that contribute to the bigger picture,” says Kai Bendix.

The company’s R&D department is already working intensively on innovations with a focus on the careful use of resources, the avoidance of waste, and efficient recycling. A return system for empty cartridges and a method for aseptic filling of open dispenser systems are also in the works. At the beginning of next year, ADA plans to launch a new, completely sustainable cosmetics range that will include everything from shower gel to nail files. Work is continuing on packaging that will significantly increase the use of recycled and renewable materials.

Asian markets and mass distribution on target

To boost its growth, the company is planning to expand in Asia’s growth markets, primarily in China. A new structure was established in the country to coordinate sales activities – from supply chain to marketing – across national boundaries.

Another aspect of the new ADA Cosmetics strategy is to build up the company’s innovative strength. With this in mind, the management team is on the lookout worldwide for exciting, young skin-care brands as potential partners. This offers a lot of potential for both sides.

Furthermore, company plans to enter the consumer business and build a second foothold.

"In the coming years, the ’New ADA’ will help make us stronger, more innovative, and more sustainable than ever before," concludes Bendix.