In response to the continuously growing demand for natural cosmetic formulations, Alban Muller International (A.M.I.) is launching a new fluid oil aiming at facilitating the creation of textures combining "naturality" and sensoriality.

Obtained from milk thistle, an original plant for cosmetics, Lipolami is a natural ingredient that allows formulating silicone-free products with “a silky, light and non-sticky feel.

This fluid, dry soft-touch oil is obtained through transesterification of the fatty acid triglycerides of the vegetable oil.

Lipolami is easy to formulate and provides cosmetic products unique sensorial qualities. It helps to develop a wide range of products offering unique properties of solubilisation (UV filters, fragrances) and dispersion,A.M.I. claims.

According to the French specialist of botanical beauty ingredients, Lipolami can be used in any type of skin care products: emulsions for face and body, foaming cleansers, massage oils, dry oils,
make-up removers, sun care...