Dubbed Giotto Duo, Zignago Vetro’s latest innovation dedicated to cosmetics and perfumery markets was designed to combine functionality, convenience and recyclability.

100% glass container

Giotto Duo is reportedly the first glass packaging on the market to offer an integrated separator also made of glass. The mono-material design thus facilitates complete recyclability of the container.

The exclusive use of glass as a material for this packaging offers another significant functional advantage: glass’s characteristics of chemical stability and inertness guarantee in full the particular packaging requirements of cosmetic products.

Giotto Duo can therefore contain two products and keep them perfectly separated. “The presence of the integrated glass separator ensures high efficiency of use: the two products contained in the bottle are kept perfectly separate and maintain their integrity and quality, ready to be used individually or mixed at the time of application,” explains the glass packaging manufacturer.

Eventually, the transparency of the glass guarantees maximum visibility for the products it contains, allowing the creation of an immediate and appealing visual impact.

Customisation options

Of course, Zignago Vetro’s Giotto Duo can also be customized according to the specific needs of each project. The glass separator can be integrated to various glass shapes, allowing one to create unique and distinctive packaging.

To complete its offer, Zignago Vetro can provide a wide range of accessories to personalize the product, including a diversified series of caps.