The brand’s founders, two experienced professionals with a substantial background in the fashion and beauty industries, partnered with Cosmalia, a French cosmetics designer specialised in natural products free from chemical preservatives. They created an extensive range of products, easy to carry in a moving world.

The brand’s motto "Travel light in Beauty, It’s our idea" perfectly describes their offering which features products manufactured in a soft admixture, at room temperature, in order to preserve the original qualities of the ingredients and actives. Zèbre Rouge’s products are based on two main active ingredients the red clover and the mallow, which are renowned for their astringent and soothing properties as well as emollient and antioxidant effects.

Products follow the new customer’s habits, men and women in developed countries living in societies where travelling has become quite common for a large part of the population. Zèbre Rouge subsequently offers products that perfectly comply with the latest safety standards, such as their “Round trip kit” or the “Long-haul aircraft kit,” featuring airless dispensers.

The range, made up of 5 hygiene products and 6 care products, is available on the brand’s web site, which was entirely redesigned on the occasion of its second anniversary.