Yves Dominioni, CEO, Geka

Premium Beauty News - What explains this return to the world of beauty packaging?

Yves Dominioni - Several years ago when at the head of a large multinational packaging group working in the Beauty and Pharma sector, I had taken close interest in the Geka company which could have provided perfect complementarity both geographically and in terms of products. Since then, this company has grown remarkably, adding to its true technical expertise, an aggressive and innovative marketing approach. A few months ago, 3i, the international investment fund company acquired Geka; I joined them as member of the Supervisory board and then recently as President & CEO of the Geka Group.

Premium Beauty News - Geka today?

Yves Dominioni - It is an international company with around 800 European and American talents achieving over EUR 110 million in turnover. An industrial centre of excellence is situated in Bechhofen Germany (one hour’s drive from Nuremberg), where the company has successfully grown, and where more than 600 people produce and develop the Mascaras Lip Gloss and other Cosmetic Brush Applicators, supplying all the major players in the "Cosmetic World." A new factory was recently opened in the U.S., near Chicago, to be even closer to key U.S. customers and prospects, with the support of a commercial department that has grown strongly. In addition, a sales office in Paris was opened two years ago, which is expected to grow rapidly to support the development of our partner customers.

Premium Beauty News - What are the specific assets of Geka and your vision for the company?

Yves Dominioni - The mascara sector remains one of the most dynamic in the world and if annual growths of 3 to 5% can be expected for Europe and the U.S., growth rates in Latin America, China and India should be even higher.

Geka distinguished itself in recent years thanks to its creative force and its industrial dynamism; a number of patents have been filed and many others are potentially in our research centre. It will be up to us to capitalize on this know-how and in our technological advance first in the field of mascara, lip-gloss and in the eyeliner. Our mission is more than ever to provide our customers with the highest level in terms of innovation and quality the world over. Our vision is to become truly global with the desire to assist our customers, both industrially and commercially.

Regarding the potential broadening of our product offer in the cosmetic field, it is still too early to talk about this; we must consider ourselves as "challengers" in the packaging industry and this "state of mind" will reinforce our commitment to growth and the ensuing dynamics.

Premium Beauty News - Will Geka be showcasing any new products at Luxe Pack Monaco?

Yves Dominioni - A significant number of launches are in the pipeline; confidentiality obviously prevents me from making allusion to them; one can simply say that there is a real dynamic underway throughout the Group.

We cannot emphasise enough on the huge opportunities offered by the cosmetic industry which is constantly growing on a global scale and which continues to offer excellent prospects. Geka intends to seize this opportunity and, thanks to the continual integration of talents and new technologies, will participate in the development of its customers through a close proximity; this is our common Group ambition.