A development strategy for the tube that was decided two years ago only, and which is clearly bearing fruit, since, to meet demand, the Yonwoo team has already planned to install four additional production lines next year to increase the current capacity by 40%.

"Tubes already represent 13% of our turnover, emphasised Daniel Cha, and it is bound to increase." The Head of the Korean company’s Sales and Marketing department explains this success, by the "positioning adopted, namely that of a competitive range of tubes positioned in the masstige segment and offering multiple possibilities in terms of novel and functional applicators. What matters today is the ease and safety of application and the gesture."

Innovation: the watchword!

Constantly focused on innovation, the Korean company is continuing its research work in all areas of its expertise and is planning to launch in the coming weeks more novelties particularly in the area of "Cushion" cases.

Daniel Cha, Sales and Marketing Manager, Yonwoo

Daniel Cha, Sales and Marketing Manager, Yonwoo

"But our goal, obviously, is not to play the card of innovation for the sake of innovation, but to launch products that exactly fit the evolution of a market that has reached maturity. That is to say a competitive product, easy to manufacture, to fill, to use... In short, a product, which is functional and attractive!" To be continued…