China’s beauty unicorn Yatsen Holding Limited, which owns the makeup and skincare brands Perfect Diary (完美日记), Little Ondine and Abby’s Choice and has recently acquired iconic premium skincare brand Galénic to Pierre Fabre, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Sensient Technologies, a leading supplier of colorants for cosmetic products, to establish joint laboratories in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Singapore.

These Innovative Color Laboratories will focus on research and development of innovative colours and new materials for cosmetics, as well as the use of quality control for raw materials and the use of advanced technologies to solve recurring technical challenges in the cosmetics industry.

Through this collaboration, Sensient will channel its global laboratory experience to create new formulated solutions that match cosmetic trends in China and worldwide. Yatsen will contribute its vast experience in cosmetics and skincare to deliver innovative beauty products,” said the two companies in a statement.