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Xia Fei Cosmetics: A leader in full service products for skin care and make-up

Located less than an hour’s drive from Shanghai, Xia Fei Cosmetics is probably a perfect example of what is best in China in terms of “full service” offerings for both the make-up and skin care sectors. Created in 1985, the Xia Fei Cosmetics’ manufacturing site consists of an 11,000 sqm production area. After a complete renovation and major investments in 2010, the unit, located in Shanghai Pudong New District, has become a favourite destination for international visitors. Exclusively for Premium Beauty News, Ping Yuan, the Executive Vice President tells us more.

Ping Yuan, Shanghai Xia Fei Cosmetics

Ping Yuan, Shanghai Xia Fei Cosmetics

Premium Beauty News - Could you please give us a brief review of Xia Fei Cosmetics?

Ping Yuan - The factory located in the Pudong New District consists of 11,000 sqm of buildings. Our key activities are 70% colour cosmetics/30% personal care-bath and body products. We sell our own branded products on the domestic market and provide overseas markets with Full Service activities. In terms of equipment, the factory hosts 18 production lines. A central AC system filters and purifies the air in order to maintain the air quality for all of the manufacturing area. We also have an explosion-proof workshop for fragrance and nail polish products.

Premium Beauty News - Your activity focuses on offering a full line of cosmetics products for face, eyes, lips and nails, but you also offer much more...

Ping Yuan – Yes, actually we manufacture a complete range of colour cosmetics which forms the majority of our business, but we also develop skin care (creams, lotions, gels) including bath and body products (shampoo, conditioners, shower gel).

In addition, we serve the fragrance area: producing pressed and loose fragrance powders, hot poured fragrance, fragrance & alcohol lotions (blending & formulating), and body splashes. We are also present in the nail products segment: nail lacquer, water-based nail products (pens or bottles), and nail care.

Our decoration capabilities include 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 presses, embossed and debossed presses, over-sprays on powders, marbleized, split and cored lipsticks.

Premium Beauty News - What are your production capacities?

Ping Yuan - We can operate with two 6 day-shifts. Our annual production capacities for lip products is 14 million units; for powder products, 7 million units; for mascaras and foundations, 8 million units; for fine fragrances, 10 million units; for personal care/bath & body products, 5 million units, and for nail polish, 7 million units. We plan to double our capacity in the near future.

Premium Beauty News - And what about your R&D team?
Ping Yuan - We have an in-house R&D team constantly creating new formulations. While maintaining our own formula database for customers to choose from, we continuously develop new and innovative items to keep it up to date.

Premium Beauty News - Some names of clients?

Ping Yuan - Sally Hansen and Rimmel brands for Coty, ULTA, Astral Brands, Inter Parfums, Victoria Jackson and Daiso in the make-up sector and Jordache, Jean Phillippe in the fragrance sector.

Premium Beauty News - What are your goals for the future?

Ping Yuan - Clearly to take advantage of our unique position in China to help international customers develop their brands in their markets, thanks to our attractive production costs and outstanding production capacity, not to mention the “clean” environment in which we operate.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois


  • Shanghai Xia Fei Cosmetics
  • Shanghai Xia Fei Cosmetics
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