Fresh wood fibres used by Metsä Board come from sustainably managed forests. The raw material generally comes from Finland, where more than 95% of forests are certified.

Most of it is harvested nearby the mills - from forests belonging to members of the Metsäliitto Cooperative, the main shareholder of Metsä Board.

Wood traceability

Overall, more than 80% of the wood used in the Metsä Board paperboard mills originates from certified forests, and the group endeavours to reach an even higher share of certified wood in its products. In Finland and elsewhere Metsä Board continues to actively support forest certification carried out by independent third parties.

All the Metsä Board mills have implemented a certified chain of custody - an unbroken link from the forest to the mill, and to the end user - required for the use a forest certification label on products. The traceability of raw materials enables plants to have an accurate information on the origin of wood and to control the share of certified wood in each product.

Resulting in low CO2 emissions and a sustainable management of the resource, exploited well below its renewal capacities.