Leading player on the Polish market

Twenty million euros in turnover, 230 people, Witoplast which was founded in 1992 for the production of bottles, has become thanks to its production lines for tubes since 1998 only, a European heavyweight in the production of flexible plastic tubes, mono-layer, multi-layer co-extruded and laminated (the latter being more widely used for toothpaste through ABL or EVOH barriers for more cosmetic-type products).

Largest producer in Poland, the firm generates more than half of its turnover from exports and owns twenty injection moulding machines to manufacture its own caps and closures. The company is also equipped with highly efficient decoration machines that can also print, up to seven colours in screen-printing, and up to eight colours offset as well as hot-stamping. It also has its own dedicated workshop for the manufacture of extrusion blow moulds.

Fully automated lines still make it possible for some employees to work "off-line" in a somewhat independent way, to produce small batches required for orders coming from France.

150 million PE tubes per year

Christian Chirinian

Christian Chirinian

According to Christian Chirinian from Chirine International, its partner in France, Witoplast is currently completing the installation of two new production lines for plastic tubes. At the start of next year, the production capacity of the firm based near Warsaw will thus totalize seven lines in operation, enabling the company to produce about 150 million PE tubes per year.

To note also within the bottling department of the firm, the commissioning of several machines to manufacture PET bottles with the use of NISSEI equipments. They will operate in parallel to existing extrusion blow moulding machines for multilayer bottles intended primarily to serve the food industry in particular ketchup and mustard.

"We are business partners of Witoplast, since several years in France and we can say with no hesitation that service, quality, swiftness of action and proximity allow us to be a supplier many of our customers can rely on," underlines Christian Chirinian, who also is a business partner of South Korea’s Hana via Linea-Chirine (Airless Systems).

We offer a full range of standard tubes, explains Christian Chirinian, whether it be in diameter 19 (labial, with a cannula or standard), diameter 25 (screw on), in sizes of 30, 35, 40, 50 and 50 elliptical (to screw on or with a service cap and finally bi-injected for the elliptical model). Sleeves for capsules and seals for the heads are also available. This gives us the possibility of offering printed tubes from 5 to 320 ml.

"Full body printing"

Latest novelty to date, the offset printing technique called: "Full body printing" which enables full printing on a white (or transparent) sleeve of bright colours without resorting to the use of a colour injected sleeve (thus reducing costs) while printing right up to the interior of the shoulder, a surface which is hidden by the cap. This technique can be applied to all existing diameters from 19 to 50 mm.

Note that technicians at Witoplast are currently working on a new printing technique called "high resolution" and on a new 16 mm diameter breakable tube. Launches of which are planned late 2011.