"With 94% of parents surveyed saying they are familiar with the brand and 50% saying they use it, [2] Mustela is seen by consumers as an expert brand in the hygiene and care of babies and children," explains Clémence Ménez, Mustela Marketing Director, France. "The brand’s two flagship products, the Gentle Cleansing Gel for Babies and Children and the Cleansing Water, recorded strong growth in 2023, with an increase in value of +11% for the first and +13% for the second, in a shrinking French market," she continues.

Today, the brand wants to capitalise on its expertise in infant skin care to build a family-friendly cosmetics range. "That’s what we’ve achieved with our suncare range designed for the whole family, from babies to parents, grandparents as well as children. Consumers trust Mustela, as the figures show."

Indeed, despite stiffer competition in the suncare market, Mustela recorded growth of +33% (editor’s note: compared with +23% for the global market). "The excellent ratings of our suncare products on apps such as Yuka and INCI Beauty, as well as in the specialist consumer press (UFC-Que Choisir and 60 Millions de Consommateurs) have reinforced this confidence, as well as brand loyalty and preference. In addition, we have taken strong initiatives, such as the decision to definitively stop producing wipes in 2027, which illustrate our desire to be ever more transparent and respectful of the environment. In the meantime, we are launching a range of certified compostable wipes scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, to offer a cleaner than ever before solution," states Clémence Ménez.

Innovations for young and old

At the heart of the brand’s repositioning strategy, the suncare offer will be supported by a rather unexpected launch for the second quarter of 2024: a sunglass collection for young and old (editor’s note: four sizes, in three colours, will be offered from babies to adults). "Launched last year by our Spanish subsidiary, this range, designed and produced by the Parafina company and branded Mustela, has been very well received by Spanish consumers. These eco-friendly glasses are made from recycled rubber from tyres, giving them excellent flexibility and resistance, which can prove very practical with small children. We plan to roll them out to 1,500 pharmacies in France by 2024. We’re convinced that this type of offering, which is seldom seen in pharmacies today, has a real place, as long as it’s backed up by sound advice from the pharmacist," explains Clémence Ménez.

The mosquito repellent range launched two years ago was a runaway success in its first year, selling out after just three weeks on the market. "This clearly shows that parents are interested in anti-mosquito products that are suitable for the whole family, including infants. I think they’ve found the reassuring response they needed in Mustela," pointed out Clémence Ménez.

The Stelatopia range for atopic skin is also a fine example of the development of a family range; atopy being generally hereditary. This range grew by 14% last year, compared with 12% for the French market.

"Finally, we are committed to continuing to support and develop our zero waste offer with our reusable eco wipes, our universal balm, our eco-refill washing gel and our solid shampoo, to name but a few. These products aim to build the future of the brand and gently guide consumers towards changes in habits that are sometimes very entrenched."

Bulk and zero waste

Mustela’s products are now available in more than 10,000 French pharmacies and it partners with a large number of maternity clinics and independent midwives. The CSR innovations aimed at these partners, mainly pharmacies, focus above all on the deployment of furniture to display the brand’s bulk and zero waste offering.

The bulk offer is split into two experiments. The first is the "Pharma-Recharge" consortium, which brings together five French dermo-cosmetics laboratories and which currently has five display units in France. Secondly, the Mustela bulk unit, currently present in 16 sales outlets. The latter aims to ensure the animation and follow-up of the points of sale already equipped and the training of teams. An Engagement unit was created in 2023 to promote the zero waste range. It can now be found in sixty pharmacies. "Through it, sales outlets show their awareness and commitment to more sustainable and respectful products," emphasises Clémence Ménez.

Mustela’s social commitment was beefed up in 2023 through its collaboration with Enfance et Partage, an association for the protection and defence of children victims of violence. This year, the brand is supporting an awareness-raising campaign on the shaken baby syndrome.

75% of sales outside France

In addition to France, its largest market, Mustela is of course also replicating the transformation of its product range throughout the world. The brand now generates 75% of its sales outside France, with a presence in around a hundred countries via its fifteen subsidiaries or distributors. The family offer is being rolled out more widely in promising markets such as Turkey, South America, and Asia.