Débora Gentil, Brand Communications and Training Manager, The Body...

Débora Gentil, Brand Communications and Training Manager, The Body Shop

In a global context of overexploitation of natural resources and while, according to the FAO [1], more than 800 million people suffer from hunger in the world, a third of the food produced globally is wasted. Some of the food is thrown away by consumers themselves [2], but the food industry also discards a significant part of its production, considered as non-compliant with marketing standards. These "second choice" fruits and vegetables are the ones that The Body Shop reuses for the formulation of its new range of foaming products for the bath: Bath Blend.

"We have long used ’second choice’ fruits in some of our products," explains Débora Gentil, Brand Communications and Training Manager of The Body Shop in Brazil [3], where the new line was launched in July. "Organic, fair trade banana mash that we have been using for years in our banana shampoo and, now in the form of a bath foam, is made from ’second choice’ bananas or bananas produced by small Ecuadorian farmers, which would not normally be sold for export," she adds. The same goes for other damaged fruits and vegetables. "We are constantly looking to build on this brand legacy, in line with our clients’ growing interest in corporate social responsibility."

With combinations of ingredients like banana and avocado oil or coconut and passion fruit, carrots and mango seed oil, these new bath foams are inspired by smoothies, beverages made with mixed fresh fruits and vegetables.

"We wanted something that went beyond a normal bath foam, that would hydrate and nourish dry skins with natural antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. At The Body Shop, we are always guided by the benefits provided by natural ingredients, so, for us, a mixture of fruits and vegetables for the bath makes sense," emphasizes Débora Gentil.

The ingredients are delivered to our labs in the form of oils and extracts, ready to be used safely. Some of them are by-products of the food industry, which have therefore been upcycled. "The strawberry seed oil used in our bath foam, Berry Bath Blend, is made from the leftover of jellies," she explains. "Cosmetic ingredients of this type help to diversify the outlets of fruit and vegetable suppliers, while ensuring good economic use of the different parts of the food."

According to Débora Gentil, cosmetics based on upcycled food are appreciated by consumers because they are made with ingredients considered noble. "Since the creation of the brand in 1976, we have been searching the world for the best ethical ingredients, to create beauty products inspired by nature. We hope to continue to find increasingly creative ways to reduce food waste."

Bath foams are packaged in recyclable plastic packaging made from 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. "Sustainability is in the DNA of The Body Shop and we hope that with every launch, we can commit ourselves to make the world a better place," she concludes.