As 2020 dawns, we look to the beauty trends poised to go mainstream in the new year. According to the hair and beauty bookings site Treatwell, "Euphoria"-style makeup, extreme lashes and bacteria-focused skincare are all on the rise in the UK.

Colorful makeup seen at the House of Holland catwalk show during London...

Colorful makeup seen at the House of Holland catwalk show during London Fashion Week in September 2019 (Photo: © Niklas Halle’n/AFP)

Treatwell’s Beauty Report 2019 pinpointed ‘Make-believe makeup’ as a trend to keep an eye on in 2020. The report linked the Gen Z appetite for for glittery, vibrant, colorful beauty looks to the hit TV show "Euphoria" and catwalk looks championed by Fendi, Off-White and House of Holland over the course of the year. In keeping with the trend for flamboyant beauty, bookings for tooth jewelry were up by 971% on the site, year on year.

Bold lashes have been enjoying a moment in the beauty spotlight for some time now, and the trend looks set to continue for a while yet. Bookings of lash extensions via Treatwell increased by 36% in 2019, with Russian Lashes (a treatment that sees up to eight artificial lashes added to each natural lash) increasing by a huge 794%.

Skincare became a major beauty focus over the last decade, and Treatwell predicts that attention will turn to the concept of ‘Microbiome’ in 2020. Searches for microbiome, the bacteria, fungi and parasites that live on the skin’s surface, shot up by 110% on Google over the last year, so be ready to get scientific in the new year.