Christophe Baudry, M-real

Christophe Baudry, M-real

Light weight boards, says Christophe Baudry, Sales Manager, France, Iberic Peninsula, and Benelux, increases yield and reduces costs throughout the packaging chain as well as promoting sustainability by consuming fewer resources, reducing transport volumes and producing less waste at the end of the packaging’s life.

Lighter weight boards can be used without compromising the quality or performance of finished cartons, resulting in both cost savings and sustainability benefits as less raw material is required in their manufacture. This was confirmed by box compression tests on the performance of carton board packaging in demanding real-life situations such as stacking and palletizing.

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Furthermore, adds Christophe Baudry, lightweigt boards reduce carbon footprints.” Carbon footprint of a cartonboard reduces at least in proportion to its basis weight. A 15% reduction in board weight equates to a 18% reduction in carbon footprint, which is important to users concerned about sustainability. “If they can specify a lighter weight board, provided all criteria regarding stiffness and performance are met, their own carbon footprint will diminish accordingly.

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