Initially produced by the Promens company, acquired in 2015 by the RPC group, which since July belongs to the Berry Group, the 50ml Natura Pack premium jar was first proposed in a 50 mm diameter. Now, a 58 mm diameter jar has seen the light, "which allows expanding the scope of applications," detailed Delphine Roux, Marketing & Communication Manager at Berry Bramlage.

The D58 jar includes three ranges (Diamond, Quartz, Coral), while the D50 format consists of five (Amber, Anfora, Opal, Ruby, Crystal).

"The PP refill, which is integrated to the jar, can be easily removed in a single step," confirmed Delphine Roux.

In the Natura Pack Refill range by Berry Bramlage, customers can choose from three types of closures: heat sealing, induction or with a capsule.

The thick wall of the outer jar can be made of PET-G, with the possibility to integrate Tenite®, a cellulosic material developed by the Eastman Company. All ranges are customizable, and the customer can decorate both the jar and the refills.

The Natura Pack Refill, a concept which attracted a German cosmetic brand last year, offers consumers a sustainable solution for their beauty ritual by reducing the amount of plastic used. Indeed, the shelf life of the container and of its closure is lengthened since only the refill, which is completely recyclable, needs to be replaced," stressed Delphine Roux.

Berry Bramlage also applies the refill concept to roll-ons. Hence, the Refill solution is also proposed in 50- and 75-ml formats and with two sizes of balls. The customer can also customize both the body of the roll-on and the refill made of PP and with a sealing system made of aluminium or plastic.

The Natura Pack Refill roll-on was adopted by the brand Coslys, marketed in Biocoop organic retailer stores.