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When packaging facilitates the convergence of make-up and skin care

It’s a fact. Make-up and skin care are growing ever closer. And it’s the packaging that makes it possible. With formulas combining all kinds of benefits, ranging from anti-ageing treatment, through SPF, to colour, new designs allow favourite cosmetics to be delivered through multi-function packs. The same pack that’s good for cream is now often also good for make-up.

Sonia Cerato

Sonia Cerato

This development has given rise to a host of new trends in make-up application; new styles that take advantage of the possibilities that have opened up. Here, we highlight three hot new techniques that have taken off like a storm.

Glowing skin

Make-up is getting shiny. Evolving from the contouring trend, techniques like illuminating and strobing aim to achieve a glowing look. Moving in the opposite direction from heavy contouring and air-brushed looks, fashion and make-up brands have been moving towards a more natural visage, starting with nude finishing and now focusing on healthy, glowing skin.
This radiant look is achieved thanks to skin care, primers and sheer foundations, as well as different types of highlighters and strobing products, to enhance facial features. The final result is a dewy, shimmery appearance that gives skin a youthful glow.

Packaging enables this trend in many shapes and forms, from jumbo pansticks and droppers, to multi-tray compacts and dual-ended sticks. Finishing and decoration plays a big part, too. Techniques like metallisation and glitter convey the products’ illuminating claims, which may in turn give rise to the next trend: shimmering finishing and an extra moisturised, wet effect.

Brow styling

Brow styling is the new eyeliner. Introduced by the fashion industry and inspired by the search for a more natural look, brow styling is growing fast, with the appearance of successful niche brands focused only on this specific category. Make-up brands are including the segment in their own offering, too, with many different types of products to achieve well-groomed eyebrows. A single pencil in a make-up range is no longer an option.

Traditional pens and mascaras have developed with improved formulas and applicators. Formulations may be liquid, creamy or powdery, once again enabled by new packaging formats such as mini-palettes, vials and mini jumbos.

The brow styling category goes beyond aesthetics, to include treatments. Skin care and colour come together to offer special serums in packs such as flow pens that nourish, shape and style the eyebrows. A whole new world has opened up here, where the brow line is the new area to express oneself with colour, with finishing products and with special make-up effects.

The selfie look

The selfie has become a cultural phenomenon, with everyone from celebrities to presidents in on the act. It’s no surprise then, that make-up trends have evolved around taking that perfect shot from your mobile in any condition.

It’s known as the selfie look, or HD (high-definition) make-up. Formerly limited to professional artists working on actors to look impeccable on camera, the trend has extended to anyone equipped with a smart phone and wanting to capture a perfect profile image.

The industry has responded with ’selfie-friendly’ make-up concepts to get that flawless look even without the use of a filter, to achieve a kind of ’soft-focus’ effect that counteracts the harsh view of a mobile camera. Packs with integrated applicators make these cosmetics easy to apply and touch up at any time, ranging from brush tubes to built-in sponges.

Most of this revolves around foundation and concealer formulas. Primers, skin perfectors, illuminators, highlighter sticks, powders – all are designed to give the desired blurred effect, sometimes with a slight, glowing sheen. Brow liners, glossy natural lipstick and shimmering eyeshadow provide the finishing touches. HD make-up is all about achieving a natural, camera-ready look in minutes and formulas and packaging are working together to make it happen.

Sonia Cerato
Quadpack Make-Up Category Manager


  • Comb-pen designed for easy and controlled application of brow treatment and (...)
  • Make-up and skin care are growing ever closer
  • Glowing skin
  • Brow styling
  • The selfie look
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