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A market leader in thermoplastics, elastomers, finished parts and biobased polymers, DuPont offers a wide range of solutions to address the various packaging issues cosmetics brands may face:

- How to ensure the protection of the formula while preserving the aesthetic qualities of packaging?
- What solutions to combine durability, cost reduction, aesthetics, functionality and overall regulatory compliance?
- Compatibility between container/content and regulatory requirements?

An educational and interactive webinar organized with DuPont International and to help you find the answers adapted to your needs.

  1. Overview of the regulatory environment for the cosmetic packaging,
    Mrs. Françoise Godts - Food Contact Manager EMEA
  2. Addressing new cosmetic packaging challenges with DuPont Advanced Polymers,
    Mrs. Alexandra Fabbro - Food & cosmetics segments manager at DuPont Performance Polymers
  3. Design possibilities and innovation with the Surlyn material,
    Mr. Philippe Milazzo - Global Market Manager / Cosmetic & Perfumes Packaging

About DuPont:

From concept to final packaging, DuPont cooperates with cosmetic brands to give life to their wildest dreams.

DuPont advanced technology and high performance materials contribute to shape beautiful packaging of cosmetics and body care that inspire, surprise and stand out on the shelves.

Our innovations include:
- The patented molding DuPont Surlyn ® 3D technology, allowing unparalleled freedom of design with contrasting shapes and visual effects.
- DuPont ™ Crastin® PBT, which ensures a good surface appearance and increases the dimensional stability of the packaging in contact formulations.
- The PPT DuPont Sorona® EP, which contains up to 37% bio-based materials and gives a good surface gloss, durability and dimensional stability to the packaging in contact formulations, while providing benefits to the environment.