Amkiri has closed a US$3 million financing led by Welltech Ventures. With this new investment, the beauty-tech company aims to increase D2C and licensing operations.

The beauty-tech company’s vision is to push the boundaries of fashion and beauty care with its visual fragrance. Its product is a combination of a body ink infused with fragrances that’s applied as a temporary tattoo and a perfume all wrapped into one.

With this innovative patented technology, Amkiri tries to disrupt the perfume category by offering an entirely new, innovative and unique experience of "visual fragrance", with a wide range of temporary tattoo designs and sizes. Amriki’s technology brings a multi-dimensional experience into fragrance. “It unleashes the fragrance breaking through the constraints of the traditional fragrance format and adding visual and physical elements to the experience,” explains the company in a statement.

International expansion

Having launched in Israel, Poland and the US, Amkiri intends on using the funds to further expand its scaling and sales in the US, Europe, and Asia through D2C and B2B channels, focussing D2C primarily on digital channels and social commerce using key social media influencers to build brand affinity and word of mouth awareness.

"We are delighted to add Amkiri, our debut in beauty-tech investment, to our portfolio. Amkiri’s innovative first ever "visual fragrance" is a unique platform that combines scent and shape through an elegant and fun experience which could definitely improve the wellbeing of all of us. It’s our pleasure to join the roster of investors that have been supporting the company," said Amir Alroy and Galit Horovitz, Co-founders of Welltech Ventures.

"We are proud to have Welltech Ventures as a lead investor in the company. This is a real endorsement that beauty care is attracting huge interest in the broader Wellness sector. By working in partnership with our current investors: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc, Co-founder, Shoval Shavit and others I am confident that AMKIRI will reach new heights," concluded Ido Pollak, CEO of Amkiri.