The German company Weckerle Cosmetics has opened this month a filling unit for cosmetic products in China, 200 km from Shanghai. A new milestone for Thomas Weckerle, CEO, and his team after the takeover last year of the manufacturer Dr. Scheller Cosmetics AG, which had already helped Weckerle Cosmetics become one of the leading companies in Europe for full service. “The Chinese unit is dedicated to the Chinese domestic market,” says Thomas Weckerle.

Thomas Weckerle, CEO, Weckerle Cosmetics

Thomas Weckerle, CEO, Weckerle Cosmetics

The catalogue of products and services displayed by the firm is particularly abundant with of course the full range of lipsticks (including the famous sticks with dual-components or Weckerle’s double injection exclusive technique), and also pencils, lip glosses, eye shadows, foundations, pressed powders, mascaras, nail polishes etc., and of course, all the possibilities associated with packaging.

Note the new technique known as “multimoulding” proposed by Weckerle Cosmetics thanks to a new machine developed by engineers from the firm.

Geographically, the German group is now operating in many parts of the world, either industrially or commercially: starting with Germany of course, but also France near Fontainebleau (where a new automatic gloss and mascara filling machine has just been installed), without forgetting the United States, Brazil and now China.

The current popularity of these products will lead very shortly, to the entry of organic cosmetics in Weckerle’s catalogue.