Thomas Weckerle, CEO of Weckerle Cosmetics

Thomas Weckerle, CEO of Weckerle Cosmetics

Premium Beauty News - The least we can say, is that Brazil is a country you know!

Thomas Weckerle - Yes, we know it, but believe me it was not an easy matter, far from it in the mid-1990s to start a business, if only a commercial one in this region. By the early 2000s, we had to face the facts. To be sustainably present, it was necessary to produce locally. Hence the decision to build a first production unit of 5000 sq ft. Obviously, it was the right choice! Because very quickly, we reached saturation. Demand was high. In 2003, we took the decision to build a second plant, then seven years later, we moved in a new factory 80 kilometres from Sao Paulo.

Fernando Diamint - Today Weckerle do Brasil Ltda employs approximately 380 people on these two sites and produces some 40 million units per year. We can do almost everything in terms of full-service for make-up, from formulation through plastic injection including conditioning. We produce pencils, lipstick tubes, lip gloss, eyeliners, mascaras, compacts, etc.

Premium Beauty News - Mostly for the Brazilian domestic market?

Thomas Weckerle - At 95%, yes! We supply nearly one hundred local brands and growth rates are around 15% a year.

Premium Beauty News - What are your growth prospects for the coming months?

Thomas Weckerle - We are extending our product portfolio to skin care to win new customers and serve our existing customers even better. With this wide range of products and the fact, that we are producing everything in Brazil, I think we can participate even more in such a growing market.