Weckerle Cosmetics USA, a subsidiary of the German manufacturer of beauty products, has moved to new premises. The company has returned to Torrance, California, only two buildings across the street from the exact place where its success story in the USA started back to October 1982. But the mere sales office is now a brand-new production site with a capacity of over 40 million units/year.

Weckerle Cosmetics USA has moved to new premises in Torrance,...

Weckerle Cosmetics USA has moved to new premises in Torrance, California

With this move Weckerle tripled the size of the previous production building to a total of 140.000 sq/ft. The company’s capabilities were increased by 30% with new equipment.

One of our big goals was a retention rate of our employees by 100% and we achieved it. Furthermore, Weckerle has hired 10 % more employees and still searching,” explains the company.

According to Weckerle Cosmetics USA, the new facility will provide customers with several benefits, including an optimized and efficient production flow with focus on lean production and the enlargement of the company’s R&D and QA laboratories.

Weckerle Cosmetics USA
525 Maple Avenue
Torrance, CA 90503