What was the purpose of opening the U.S. office ?

Sophie Ivens - Our aim is to be a local relay for international brands and to respond to national key accounts, in diversified segments — perfumes and beauty, fashion, wines and spirits, delicatessen, electronics — all of which share a luxury or premium positioning. We produce from 50,000 pieces upwards, but sometimes produce smaller quantities to support high-potential brands. That’s why Laura joined Rissmann. She has over 15 years’ significant experience in the beauty and hygiene sectors in particular.

Rissmann has also announced its ability to produce in North America. In what way?

Sophie Ivens - Our objective is to have the capacity to produce the same packaging, with the same quality standards, on three continents — in Asia, Europe and North America — close to our customers’ main markets, to limit the flow of goods.

In Europe, we have our own factories in Germany - next to the Nuremberg headquarters - and in Bulgaria, then a network of industrial partners in Hungary. In Asia, we have an industrial partner in Qingdao, in addition to the Design Quality office and the sales office in Hong Kong. We have therefore selected trois industrial partners in Mexico, who are committed to Rissmann, following a charter of confidentiality and quality, not only in terms of production, but also environmental, social and ethical in addition to holding the required certificates, FSC in particular. We carried out careful work and carried out numerous audits to ensure that all safety, compliance, quality and sustainability criteria were met.

How is production capacity structured at global level and what are the latest news ?

Sophie Ivens - Strengthening production capacities in Europe has always been on Rissmann’s agenda, well before the covid crisis. And the plan is progressing in accordance with what was announced: we have just inaugurated the extension of our Bulgarian factory, which opened its doors in 2022. An additional 4,000 m2, or 7,000 m2 in total, are dedicated to manufacturing paper bags and boxes of all kinds. Automation has been extensively rolled out and optimized to gain agility and flexibility. We can quickly access the variations desired by our customers, in terms of models, but also production volumes. We free ourselves as much as possible from time-consuming manual operations. While having a valuable capacity for adaptation, thanks to our Hungarian expert partners. We maintain a regular rotation with them and it is reassuring for our customers to know that we can triple our production capacity, with complete confidence.

Rissmann uses 60% solar energy. What is your strategy regarding sustainability?

Sophie Ivens - We have finalized our carbon footprint assessment for Germany at the end of 2023 and Rissmann’s global carbon report will be finalized by spring. We are committed to the CDC (Carbon Disclosure Program). It is extremely instructive and virtuous since ultimately, economy and ecology go hand in hand.

We design single-material packaging in paper and cardboard, 98% FSC certified, equipped with clever closing and fixing systems, without magnets or plastic. And if there is plastic, generally as an option like for the Enby dust cover for example, then it is PET PCW, coming from the oceans. Our models are also designed to minimize transport and storage volumes.

What are the prospects for 2024?

Sophie Ivens - Growth was particularly strong from 2019 to 2023, to the point of almost doubling our turnover. I’m looking at 2024 with cautious optimism and the aim to grow our capacity to adapt! We are continuing our strategy of regionalization of production, more or less quickly depending on the geopolitical and health factors causing a certain instability. Our values remain agility, responsibility, innovation, solidarity, excellence.

We have cutting-edge technologies such as laser engraving and cutting, but also embossing and folding. We are very well placed in the world of beauty and would be delighted to be further challenged by the Wines & Spirits, delicatessen and electronics sectors. See you at Luxe Pack Shanghai in April then at Luxe Pack New York in May!