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“We are returning to Marionnaud’s roots,” Eileen Yeo

Since her nomination as head of Marionnaud France in April 2014, Eileen Yeo has launched several projects to transform the French beauty retailer with the aim to return to its roots - service and proximity. Most recently, Marionnaud announced a new store concept and launched “Code Beauté”, a new in-store tailor made beauty service which provides advice, and suggests products.

Eileen Yeo, Marionnaud France

Eileen Yeo, Marionnaud France

Premium Beauty News - How will the launch of "Code Beauté" impact the relationship between Marionnaud and its customers?

Eileen Yeo - “Code Beauté” is opening a new era in terms of how Marionnaud addresses the needs of its customers. This new service will help us to better understand our customers’ needs and to treat them individually. Collected data will also help us to define what each of them really expects from us and to customize our communication. We are shifting from "one to all" communication to "one to one" communication.

Premium Beauty News - Another brick of your new brand strategy, in the wake of the deployment of your new store concept?

Eileen Yeo - It’s not really a repositioning but a return to our roots: proximity, personalisation, services and expertise. What we offer our customers is to explain the products and provide advice. This is Marionnaud’s DNA and has never been highlighted so clearly.

Premium Beauty News - Nevertheless, the new store concept is transforming the shopping experience!

Eileen Yeo - Our goal was to illustrate our expertise and proximity to customers. Therefore, we selected softer materials and soft colours so consumers feel at home, with no pressure. There is a lot of wood, a warm ambiance and no loud music. Beyond the décor, this concept also features several integrated services, many of which are free.

Today, consumers are searching for new and different experiences. That’s exactly what we want to bring to them. We have tested this concept in various environments, in Paris, in the North and South of France and also in Italy, with very good results.

"With the new store concept, our goal was to illustrate our expertise and (...)

"With the new store concept, our goal was to illustrate our expertise and proximity to customers."

Premium Beauty News - What is your opinion about the evolution of the French beauty market?

Eileen Yeo - Europe in general is a difficult market and France is no exception. My opinion is that retail is too focused on prices and promotions. We have to provide more to customers and offer them a truly unique shopping experience.

Premium Beauty News - I assume that this includes your own product lines?

Eileen Yeo - Marionnaud’s private label products are key elements of our development strategy. We’ll continue to extend our own range of products, but we want to offer only what is useful to our customers.

Interview by Vincent Gallon

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