Fabrizio Buscaini

Fabrizio Buscaini

Premium Beauty News - How do you address this new challenge?

Fabrizio Buscaini - The challenge is to instil in Chromavis a new mentality and a new product vision totally based on a motivated, “hungry” and proud team, as well as an outstanding Industrial Plan at its basis. The goal for the Company is to create and produce products with extraordinary quality that change and adapt themselves to the market mutations.

Currently, Chromavis is focused on its internal reorganization that will be based on speed and flexible solutions, thought specifically for both clients and market needs. Chromavis has proudly created products that have become true and real “distinctive categories”, but it has also the awareness that is not enough to have a complete “product portfolio”, it always has the necessary courage to reinvent itself, to try new ways to think, produce and create.

Premium Beauty News - A brand new plant in 2020!

Fabrizio Buscaini - Chromavis is changing its way of seeing and thinking, furthermore, it’s also planning to relocate in brand new headquarters that will unify all three existing Italian sites in just one area, in order to support the ambitious growth to double the turnover in 2020. It is also necessary to build a new corporate culture, and to generate a new business model for Chromavis. Clients expect smart solutions and these cannot be linked only to bulk production. The goal is to create products with a value and, why not, uniqueness.

If we look to the future, the most important development perspective for Chromavis is linked to the construction of its new headquarters (an area of 100,000 m²) that, as announced, will be ready by 2020. The project foresees the construction of a real Hub of Innovation, a place to be proud to be part of, with wide green areas, interiors illuminated with natural lights and pleasant and stimulating common working areas.

Premium Beauty News - What is your insight concerning these major changes in you sector?

Fabrizio Buscaini - Mapping our sector is increasingly difficult; the on-line business dynamics have changed the rules. The market is very fast, consumers are well-informed thanks to the online selling platforms and social networking. Their requests are extremely demanding and clear: high performances, new concepts and products delivering promises which are immediately perceivable by the end consumer. All this at the speed of light in terms of logistics and products offering. On this base, Chromavis is building up its future by redefining its strategy, organization and culture, investing in a new Headquarter that will represent a “New Era” for Chromavis, with an outstanding futuristic project like never seen before in the colour cosmetic manufacturing sector.