The culture of gifting, which is strong and common to many market segments, is therefore a perfect ground for innovation and digitalization of the customer experience. Both in order to value existing customers and attract new audiences with a main objective: conversion.

What is the ‘AR’t of Gifting’?

Online luxury product sales have grown exponentially: they accounted for 33.3 billion euros in 2019, compared to 4.3 billion in 2010, according to Mazars, and this figure should increase threefold by 2025 on the global level, according to Mc Kinsey. Long gone are the days when digital technologies were thought to be incompatible with the luxury experience!

AR’t of Gifting is a customization service for new generation gifts. It makes it possible to offer a gift with a personalized video message integrated into an augmented reality scenario designed in a branded environment. The message is read with a QR Code, an html link, a text message, or any other messaging app. Then, you can add calls to action to share your experience on social media, give a CEO or influencer the opportunity to speak, redirect the gift recipient to the e-shop, or even add a playlist or ASMR video – based on these oh-so-trendy sound stimuli.

As a global communication agency attuned to innovative approaches, WANDS has a dedicated lab that sources the right technologies according to the brand’s touchpoints. Through its prism, the agency aims to market techs that meet clearly identified brand criteria and are to be used as discriminating factors of omnichannel global offerings. WANDS’ added value is to define inventive 360 strategies and devise a personalized customer journey: website, E-CRM, social media, RP, influence, retail…

If there’s one thing that still makes us happy, it’s the possibility of celebrating our big and small events with our families, friends, and lovers, even remotely! So, when you invite brands to magnify these moments, it’s awesome for both people and brands!” That is how the Marketing & Development Director describes the agency’s latest offer.

Why take interest in it?

1. For the first time, videos and augmented reality are combined thanks to a fluid Web AR technology accessible in two clicks.
2. Nothing had been done since engraving to innovate in gift customization.
3. You value the one who offers and the one who receives.
4. This system takes into account the new customs of a hyper-connected generation that films themselves and records conversational messages.
5. It tracks down data, so KPIs can be defined upstream.

Last, but not least, it is the soul supplement of the gifting experience. It humanizes experience dematerialization.

Every opportunity to get closer and convey emotions thanks to new technologies is a gift.